Aliases to page section


I am new to aliases. I want to redirect an old page to a sub-section of a new page. For example: to how can I do this? I have read but when I put the following code in the header I still resolve to page /garden

    - /#garden

Hi! I am not quite sure whether I understand correctly because your title is “figure shortcode”.

You can ‘import’ a markdown file using a readfile shortcode:

{{< readfile file="" markdown="true" >}}

If contains a heading “Garden” the id #garden will be generated by the markdown parser.

Alternative you can put a HTML heading right before your readfile command:

<h2 id="garden">Garden</h2>

Title was errant. Now clearer.

Thank you. Ok, I think I got it correctly.

An alias in front matter simply creates a new HTML file containing

<meta http-equiv=refresh content="0; url=/my-file/">

So this file cannot be a section of another file.

Yet, the method mentioned above should work.