Adding weights to Sections to order on the homepage

I’d like to assign weights to sections so that I can manually reorder them. Is this currently possible?

If not, anyone already developed a workaround?

You want to reorder this?

{{ range .Data.Pages.GroupBy "Section" }}

I’m creating an index that is ordered by section.

{{ range $section, $taxonomy := .Site.Sections }}
    <h4>{{ replace $section "-" " " }}</h4>
        {{ range $taxonomy.Pages }}
        <li><a href="{{ .Permalink}}"> {{ .LinkTitle }} </a> </li>
        {{ end }}
{{ end }}

Right now it’s ordering the sections alphabetically. I’d like to manually assign weights the same way I do to content within each section.

A workaround is to use menus because their weights can be specified in config.toml. But it requires redundant information, parent-child relationships, to be specified in each front matter of articles. For example, content/section2/ needs

  parent = "section2"

So, it would be helpful if there were AllPagesMenu option that adds all the pages to the menu.main reflecting the directory structure. Enabling children = "section2/*.md" in config.toml might be fine too.

Of course introducing section weights is more reasonable.

There is an SectionPagesMenu option, see

You can set the weight for the section items in the site config — but: The pages themselves aren’t added to the menu; that was probably a design mistake …

Thank you for the quick reply. You are right. The purpose here is to list all the pages in a hierarchical manner, which is not achieved by SectionPagesMenu.

I can live with redundant front matters (and a short script to keep their consistency) until section weights are supported.