Access .Sitemap.Filename in robots.txt?

Is it possible to access .Sitemap.Filename inside other template files? In my case, I am trying to access .Sitemap.Filename inside robots.txt in order to reference the sitemap.

I have tried to add the following, but with no luck :confused: I realise I can hardcode the path, however I would like to keep this as dynamic as possible.

Sitemap: {{ .Sitemap.Filename }}

I’m a newbie here, so apologies for the newbie question :wink:

Bumping this.

I mean, you can just hardcode the path with something like this

Sitemap: {{ "sitemap.xml" | absURL }}

But is it possible to get the path? Couldn’t find anything in the docs or the in the code.

Just sharing since I ran into this just now.

So basically all you need to do is add

Sitemap: {{ "sitemap.xml" | absLangURL }}