A new service to deploy to github pages. Better than Werker

Werker seems to be the service used by most people to deploy on Github pages.

I started to write a service that will specialize on deploying hugo sites to Github pages. It can register a webhook to github to listen on pushes and when code is pushed to a special branch say hugo-pages it will clone and build the site and push the public folder to gh-pages branch. So it will be just like using Github pages with Jekyll. And can be added to a Github project with few clicks.

The code is here

I would like to know what hugo community think about such a thing.

Edit: I now noticed similar thing is built here

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Hey there!

People use Werker because there’s a tutorial for it in the Hugo docs. I’m sure that if you make a good step by step tutorial, and an easy to use/configure script, @spf13 would be interested (I’d add, as long as it’s free).

Anyway that’s cool!

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There is also Zammu which does something similar (Full Disclosure: It is written by me :slightly_smiling:)

Is your app supposed to be deployed by a user on their own servers? or are you planning to host a server which can be used by other users?

Hey :slightly_smiling:

Got it. Will add a step by step guide once I deploy the service. And a helpful readme to the repo incase someone is interested in running a server. Of course it is free :slight_smile:


I noticed Zammu today.

I am planning to host a free service. But will add some instructions and possibly a docker image so others can deploy as well.

Good to know, looking forward to it!

Great job @roonyh.

This would be great, because if we link your service in the tools section of the docs it will become much more userfriendly for potential users.