A generic `getText` template function

I know Hugo at its core is a static site generator, however sometimes it’s useful to get content from remote resources. This is partially available using the getCSV / getJSON functions, however I think it would be useful to have something more generic, so I propose a getText function, working in the same way, just without the format parsing.

Technologically, I can’t see this being too difficult, especially as it could likely be reused in the existing functions. {{ jsonify (getText "https://example.com") }} should thus be equal to {{ getJSON "https://example.com }}"

Opening this because my Go skills arent high enough to implement this myself, and also further discussion, as this is likely a controversial issue, from what i’ve seen from the rest of the discussion base:

I think this is a not so great idea.

I’m not a fan of getJSON – I would probably not have merged it today, but it is too late to remove it. This ad hoc remote functions don’t fit so good into a static framework – and all the API driven content issues you linked to requires a totally different approach to get some kind of control of scale/performance/partial rendering on change etc.