2019 was the Year of the Hugo

I subbed 2019 Year of the Sunrise where I photographed every sunrise of the year from one of the harshest winter environments in the United States, and one of the states with the least amount of sunshine.

You can see it at www.yearofthesunrise.com

What this year really was is 2019: The Year of Hugo.

I’m grateful for all the folks behind Hugo who continue to improve the platform. 2019 was a very deep dive into Hugo as I tried to push the limits of what I could do to create this website. For every hour in the last year enjoying the sunrise, there were probably two hours living in code land.

Other tools and services used include: IMGIX, Flickr, Snipcart, Google Maps API, DarkSky API.

The biggest difficulty early one was figuring out how to layout the calendar and to pull in all the photo data via Flickr.

Hugo got me 90-95% of the way there with all the features I wanted to include, while some felt a little hackery, it was incredibly fun to build this site and to use Hugo.


what a fantastic design !!! great ideas here (and photos).


I saw the site featured on Codrops. Didn’t know it was made with Hugo though!

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So cool to see you here. Marquette, right? I was in your shop last month buying a Christmas gift for a friend.


That is really remarkable. Thanks for coming by, and stop by again sometime. Love seeing another 906er on here!

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For sure! I’ll make a point to stop again. I’m over in Munising and often work into the evening, but I will find a way back to Marquette during business hours.

I love that you followed through on that Year of the Sunrise project. I’m pretty sure I remember reading about it earlier in the year. It would have been so easy – for me at least – to miss a day. You did not miss. That’s good! Am super impressed by that.